The disorderly work of Sig Vicious

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The disorderly work of Sig Vicious

Published on March 12, 2010 with 1 Comment

Everybody knows the one-name celebrities. Say Oprah and everybody knows. Ditto for Madonna, Sting and Elvis – well there is Elvis Costello. Now Lindsay Lohan has stepped into the fray, suing E* Trade for using her first name – but not her last – in vain and mockery. Though this common first name is shared by many, and in the wake of the Olympics might bring to mind a certain decorated skier, Lohan is certain she’s a one-namer. Pick a side, any side. In a similar vein, there’s Siggeir Hafsteinsson who calls himself Sig Vicious. And while this may bring to mind the deceased Sex Pistols bassist, who took on the name “vicious” after being bitten by his friend’s pet hamster, no one is suing Hafsteinsson for name infringement.
Siggeir Hafsteinsson is Iceland’s latest graphic designer turned artist turned font designer. His most recent, newsworthy font is called “Disorder,” a name that speaks for itself. Like a fashion designer’s collection, each letter stands on its own but viewed together, they form a cohesive mix. And they really bring to mind the concept of disorder – though there is said to be some sort of order to every disorder. Beyond the fonts, Sig has an usual eye for creating remarkable works of art that challenge the imagination. Whether it’s painting on aluminum, Lucite or some other medium, his body of work is diverse and original. As with most works of art, it’s better in pictures than in words.


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  1. Sig Vicious is an extremely creative and talented designer.
    His commercial portfolio is amazing!

    Check out his website at