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On a scale of one to ten, where one is “A complete failure in every way,” and ten is, “Metaphysical product perfection,” the HP Envy 14 laptop rates a confident nine, “Nearly flawless; Buy it now.” This from the expert reviewers at Wired Magazine. It’s the PC with pizzazz, almost downright “blingy.” It received their Computer of the Year award for being “feature-rich,” yet fast and exquisitely designed. Reviewers loved its backlit, high-res display – great for gaming and movies. And most of all its cute aluminum case gives it a sleek, contemporary look. Others are calling it, “the most tricked out laptop money can buy.” Who would have guessed? At around $1,200 it’s thought to be an affordable luxury. Everyone will want one.
For those unable to afford such luxuries but find themselves shopping in the PC market, experts have numerous options ranging from the iPad and its like-minded secondary cousins, on up the PC chain. The tablet style is more suited to gamers and browsers but not necessarily the best thing for creating long documents and spreadsheets – though this is not impossible. Netbooks are affordable but wouldn’t be classified as “feature-rich.” Along the way, such important considerations as processors – AMD v. the more expensive Intel line, memory – at least 4 GB of RAM, hard drive – somewhere between 250 – 320 GB, and whether to get the integrated graphics card, suitable for most uses or the discrete version – faster and more suitable for games. Possibilities are endless.

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