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It’s a combination of carbonated water, sugar, acidity regulators, taurine, glucuronolactone, preservative, caffeine, inositol and vitamins. But not to worry, in common parlance it’s an energy drink and it’s called, Wicked. The name leaves lots of room for clever sayings such as, “No rest for the wicked,” or “that wicked kick.” And in the big scheme of things, Wicked is a pretty clever name for a product because it isn’t really interpreted in the same way as the word, “evil.”
However, the most notable thing about Wicked, the energy drink isn’t so much its name as its packaging. The Australian company behind Wicked hired a notable tattoo artist to create the artwork for the can and bottle. In the way that all surfaces could be skin, the Wicked skin features an Asian inspired dragon that would be more at home, so to speak on a human skin.
The artist Kian Forreal, (not known if that’s his name for real), originally from Canada and now based in Sydney, Australia has had a notable career, illustrating arms, legs and backs of people in North America and Europe. The Asian dragon on the Wicked package represents his latest preference for the Japanese style of body art. On a tangent here, tattoos were once used to identify criminals in Japan, replacing the previous practice of cutting off ears and noses. But that part is now history.
For the people marketing Wicked, the tattoo art is “sweeping the globe” and therefore it is a way to get their product to stand out on the crowded, energy drink shelves. Beyond the packaging, their web site draws people in to play a game, download the art and generally have fun with the product. And obviously, they hope you drink their illustrated beverage to boost your energy.

Kian Forreal tatoo on someone's back.

Kian Forreal tatoo on someone's back.

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