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Find a spark, let it “marinate” and eventually an image may form in your head. Such is the process for Kevin Dart, a Los Angeles artist who interned at Pixar before going on to his own world of illustration. Dart’s art is reminiscent of anime but it isn’t really that. Much of his recent works focus on the character Yuki, a “jet-setting spy girl,” with a mean sense of fashion.
Is art in his veins? Even as a child, Kevin Dart drew impressive illustrations of his imagination of the year 30,000. With his family moving around in the world, living in places such as Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Dart believes it’s all part of the fuel for his imaginative work. But Dart was also inspired by a collection of 60s and 70s Life Magazines. The technical ability of those old-school illustrators were indeed amazing to him.
In any given art-creation session, Kevin Dart might at one moment have a plethora of ideas battling for attention in a piece until the muse settles in and he feels there are no more elements that could improve the piece or the vision.

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