The iPad and everything else

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Any number of people have at points in time been rumored as The Next Elvis, Springsteen or Michael Jackson. But ultimately there is only one original. And in this same vein, any number of tablets have carried hopes of being the next iPad or better than the iPad. Better, because of their support for Flash, or for being more like a computer while also being a tablet. But still, the general consensus among reviewers is that everything else is not the iPad. The Samsung Galaxy Tablet with its larger screen and its high resolution came close but in the end it isn’t an iPad. Along the way, the concept of being better because of Flash support isn’t gathering as many fans as expected. Whether for logical or emotional reasons, the iPad still runs away with the market. It’s also the tablet that other tablets wish to be like.
But that doesn’t mean the other tablets are not trying and it doesn’t mean that they are terrible. Well, actually, reviewers have judged them to be “not that great.” The newest tablet happens to be HP’s Touchpad, which claims to “work like you, but with fewer coffee drinks.” It received a “close but no cigar,” rating. The main issue seems to be the glitch factor. Users hate glitchy devices more than anything else. So while a new tablet might be “multifaceted” with “graphics like wow,” and a superfast processor, it’s the ability to run glitch-free that matters. Meanwhile, reviewers may be more critical than the rest of us but if we go by sales, the rest of us seem to prefer iPads.

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