The iPad stands alone

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The iPad stands alone

Published on September 07, 2016 with 2 Comments

With initial sales more than living up to the pre-launch hype, the iPad is poised to be, as Steve Jobs said, “a game changer.” At the same time, critics are convinced there is not much game to be changed in the first place. In some circles it is described as having, “glaring shortcomings,” – plus this could be a pun – because among these shortcomings is glare from the screen. In other described shortcomings, it’s awkward, heavy, slippery, lacks USB connectivity and a real keyboard, plus, after use fingerprints are just plain annoying. Even more awful, the icons for apps that are attractive on the iPhone are ugly and pixilated when enlarged on the iPad. Such a lack of standards.
However, many are ignoring these critical words, ready to embrace this latest new toy. One has only to be in a room with an iPad to note how quickly the crowd gathers around it. Everyone wants a look and a test drive. While tech savvy types evaluate features, others express the realization that such a simple-to-use piece of technology is just the sort of thing they were lacking in their lives. They aren’t looking to replace their smart phones or Kindles for that matter. Interviews at Apple stores showed people who wanted an iPad because it was cute, it had a bigger screen, it’s the newest thing and because “Steve Jobs said so.”

If you’re in the latter category the folks at “Wired,” are recommending some apps you might try. They’re not free but true fans probably don’t care. There’s Flight Control HD, a simulator for landing planes – everyone loves flight simulators. Beautiful Planet HD is a collection of high resolution photos compiled by traveling journalists. Comic book fans can now experience them in a digital version with the Marvel Comics app. Then there’s Weather HD for those who just want to be prepared.

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  1. Apple is a fad brand, like the pet rock. 6 more weeks and the Apple will be rotten. What was the name of that phone they came out with??? The ipple? How’d that work out? Next.

  2. iPad’s Rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!