The iPhone as a recording studio

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Go back a couple of years and One Like Son, an Alabama rock band made news for recording an entire album using iPhone tracks. The iPhone as a recording studio became possible thanks to iPhone and iPad apps such as FourTrack, MutliTrack DAW, Ampkit and ThumbJam. The group spent a year recording 11 tracks. They also used an app called GuitarJack to plug actual guitars and other instruments into the iPhone for recording the music. The GuitarJack app can also connect a microphone for recording voices on those previously mentioned iPhones and iPads. Some people like GarageBand better than FourTrack, which is an app that functions sort of like a four track recording studio with drum tracks. While these apps make it possible to record music without going into a recording studio, the musicians of One Like Son discovered that it was no easy task to move the tracks and lay them together.

Fast forward to today and recording music with the iPhone is easier than ever with even more apps and peripherals for this purpose. Blue Microphones are already known for several “plug-and-play” microphones. Now they’ve done even better with the latest version of Mikey Digital. It is a digital microphone that attaches to the iPhone or iPad for higher quality recording. For now the Mikey Digital is attracting positive attention for its sleek design, portability and its quality. Mikey digital is not as big and powerful as some other microphones but it’s easier to carry it around in a pocket. At the Unofficial Apple Weblog they got results with the GarageBand app with an iPhone 4S and the results were quite good. Those who prefer the FourTrack app haven’t yet reported in on this. Of course now that the iPhone 5 has a different connecter the people behind Mikey Digital might have a completely different challenge on their hands but we’re sure there will be workarounds.

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