The man who could be Jobs

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Published on March 07, 2017 with 1 Comment

Victories from your ability to sell are very short-lived. Victories from things you’ve really worked hard at can have a lasting impact.” These are the words of Jonathan Ive, the man who is rumored to be the brains behind much of the design of the glorious array of iThings. Now that Steve Jobs has stepped away, the Klieg lights are suddenly on Ive. For almost two decades this design genius has been quietly working in the background, presumably helping out with all things delightful. In fact, Ive started out at Apple during the interval before Jobs return to the company. While Jobs may have been the visionary, it is Ive who may have been leading the design thinking there. And all those “may have beens” are because most of what we know about Apple comes from rumors and speculation.
Though Ive isn’t as well known, he has attracted attention and awards for his design instincts. It is thought that he was actually the person who created the new look in computers. He wanted the iMac to look like gumdrops. The original iPods were based on cigarette packages. The transparent Apple mouse was inspired by a drop of water. Before him, the computers at Apple looked like, “an old beige box.” Insiders hail him as the true genius at Apple. He collaborates with teams of engineers and others to create the stuff we all crave, even as we didn’t know we would crave them before we saw them. We would never say that Jonathan Ive is the same as Steve Jobs but we like that he has a solid design background.

Taiwanese animation of Jobs life

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  1. I think he’ll do ok – Maybe we’ll get a peak when they roll out the new iPhone in Oct.