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What do Aveda, BMW, Nestle and Victoria’s Secret have in common? Okay, we get that it could go in many directions, such as Tommy down the street, who goes to an Aveda Salon in his BMW, which doesn’t have a cup holder for his Nestle brand hot chocolate. So he spills the drink into his wife’s Victoria Secret shopping bag which was on the passenger side floor. But that’s not where we were going. All these companies have at points in time been in consultation with Material ConneXion, a materials consultancy that encourages innovation with materials, and maintains a “library” of 5,000 materials. They recently announced an award for “Carbon negative Cement” that replaces calcium carbonate with magnesium silicate in a green-science sort of way. This year they’re also celebrating the 75th anniversary of Lucite – which was once the material of choice for a line of fashion forward handbags.
In the world of concrete there is a malleable type that you might drape over an object, spray water and let it harden into a shape. Hear ye, hear ye, artists, architects, designers and all else. Need wallpaper? There’s one that removes toxins embedded in walls. Perhaps you might one day top your burger with packaging. A polystyrene foam is “grown” from mushrooms. Cow manure can be recycled into furniture and construction materials – something folks on the Oregon Trail already knew. And a collaboration with Puma led to …well,
Why don’t you see for yourself…


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