The more social networks, the merrier

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“If your friends are obese, your risk of obesity is 45% higher; if your friends’ friends are obese, your risk of obesity is 25% higher; and if your friend’s friend’s friend — someone you probably don’t even know — is obese, then your risk of obesity is 10% higher.” So said Nicholas Christakis, who is known for his social media studies. By similar reasoning, if your friends are successful, your chances of being successful could be higher… and so on. This could be the thinking behind the growing number of social networking tools in the marketplace. And each tool seems to do just a little bit more. Rapportive, one of the numerous social networking tools allows you to peek into the lives of others. Begin sending an e-mail and once you enter the e-mail address you can see the person’s latest updates from Twitter or Facebook. Presumably you’ll be able to incorporate that information into your e-mail to be more relevant. Congratulate your contacts on milestones, let them know you’re nearby, or provide useful information and services.
If you really want to take your social networking to the next step you might check out Katango. This is an iPhone app that “organizes” your contacts. Based on your contacts and Facebook friends, Katango analyzes your patterns of interactions and groups them accordingly. All of a sudden you’ll be able to distinguish between coworkers, activity groups, hobbyists and party animal friends. Even more, you can “tweak” your groups for a more streamlined approach. And if two social networking apps are good, more is better.

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