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The recently completed Graph Expo 2010 in Chicago was all about the future of print, newspapers, magazines, brochures and the like. Such a focus might have seemed at least a bit odd for those who have already sung the requiem for the industry. Aren’t we in the digital age after all? E-readers? Eyeballs? Impressions? So what’s with the new thinking on inks, printers, coupons and what have you? Didn’t the Smartphone kill the printed page? Still there was much to see and many from around the globe to see it. “Offset is not dead,” said the organizers as they discussed inkjets, wide format, post press and other topics. Bo Jackson was there. It seems he doesn’t just know baseball and football, he knows business, and he likes print. Or at the very least, he likes that the folks at Xerox brought him there.
And lest anyone thought there’s not much to learn, along came QR, generating much buzz. QR is the shortened form of Quick Response. A QR code looks like a rubber stamp and functions like a bar code. A Smartphone can read the QR code provided it has a QR code reader which can be downloaded in Android or iPhone version. The big deal is that the QR code merges the printed page with the digital world. A QR code on business cards, coupons, posters, or labels can immediately link to maps, advertised specials, websites or photographs of pandas. This happens once the code is “scanned” with the phone’s camera function. Enable your label, turn your ad into a fad or just say hello to a fellow who took your business card. QR is the way to connect to customers.
QR in action


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