The People Person of Prius

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The message from Prius is that “people make the world,” or the “world is made of people,” in a very literal way. To that end they’ve crafted several advertisement videos that illustrate worlds made with actual people. One video shows a landscape “painted” with people as its pixels. The people “trees” are particularly fascinating and complex. While the Prius brand continues to engage the public with a campaign to name the plural of the word Prius, they’ve also created an impressive video to illustrate the concept of “The Prius family.” The campaign communicates that there’s a Prius model for every member of the family with a character named, the “People Person.”

The People Person was created with 18 people assembled in an acrobatic, sculptural form. The ad’s storyline is about a person progressing through the morning routine, from shutting off the alarm clock, to teeth brushing and eventually walking out the door. Once at the door, the People Person disassembles into individual family members, each of whom goes to a tailor-made Prius car. As with previous Prius videos Computer Graphics played a major role. Some elements were shot true to scale, while others such as the buildings were in miniature. There were two units to the Person, one for the legs and the other for the head and torso. After the shoot, there were ten weeks of fine tuning in post production.

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