The personal leads to a business

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The personal leads to a business

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Sometimes it’s fun to watch people argue about stuff you might deem petty. And in most cases once such arguments are out-of-sight, so to speak we go on with our lives. But someone else looked at arguing couples and decided there was a web business in the making. Enter a web site that allows couples to crowdsource their arguments. If he spends frivolously and she brings home the bacon, should they buy a house together? If she’s gaining weight and he’s at the gym 24/7, should they go out for pie or salad? Should he be able to smoke in the comfort of his own home? Upload the sore point and soon enough the crowd is debating and taking sides. And you can be anonymous.
For the more serious arguments not easily solved by, there’s that little navbar labeled, “experts.” Click on it and off you go to “” where counseling experts are ready to help you with your problems, for a fee. With most of the questions skewed toward relationships and marriage, the access to professionals is probably more worthwhile than the crowd – but then again the crowd could very well be smarter and more experienced. Either way, chat online with a professional for just a few bucks per minute, or go the e-mail route and the fee can range from $3 to $60 for a package deal.
He bought her an engagement ring for less than her fortnightly salary, it makes her feel cheap, is she? In a perfect world the cost of the diamond ring would be irrelevant to mutual harmony and companionship. But latest rumors are that we don’t really live in that perfect world anymore and as a consequence, we need side takers to help us through the tough spots. Now, if only folks would pay others to take their side in an argument.

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