The queens of beer

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Women are known to be good at numerous things but for most of history, conventional wisdom held that while women are known for good taste, men are better with beer. In recent times, that form of wisdom has been steadily on the decline. Latest news from the unconventional world says that when it comes to fine distinctions in the tasting of beer, women are better than men. Who would have guessed? Who even thinks of beer drinking as a career path anyway?
Beer tasting isn’t something to be taken lightly, so to speak. There’s the appearance, the aroma, the mouthfeel, finish and style all of which figure into the finer points of beer tasting. From the thin weisses, to chewy Scotch ales and dry silky stouts, texture matters. Ales have spiciness or fruitiness while dark brews can have a chocolate or coffee aroma. Such nuances may not have generated much buzz among men who account for more than 70 percent of world beer sales. But research shows women with their advanced palates are better at sniffing out skunky beer.
Such revelation is driving beer companies to hire more women into the field of beer tasting. These are important jobs that can help beer manufacturers determine how long their beer will stay fresh on the shelves, or whether a specific batch is of the quality that should be put on the shelf in the first place. Much training is involved for either gender and only one in five makes the grade to the highly coveted position of chief beer taster. The company behind the Molson, Miller and Coors brands employs around a thousand advanced tasters of which 30 percent are female. This is thought to be good news for St. Pauli girls.

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