The Schminternet?

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Yes Virginia, there is such a thing as the Schminternet. All your little friends who say it isn’t so are wrong. They have been affected by the average person’s penchant for adding “Schm,” as a prefix to all sorts of concepts which they may wish to dismiss. Therefore they think that nothing can “be,” if it has a “Schm,” as its prefix because such a thing is not comprehensible by their minds. But in this great cyberspace of ours, such skepticism is the mere folly of those who do not have the boundless intelligence capable of grasping the whole concept of the Schminternet. A place that’s not the Internet with its YouTube Videos and Google searches. A place where device owners roam and browse freely, but not necessarily for free.
Yes, Virginia, There is a Schminternet. It exists as certainly as Wi-Fi and phone companies battle for service plans. And we all know they do. Alas! How boring would be the world, if there were no Schminternet to distinguish itself from the Internet. There would be no way to distinguish what coverage you have when you and your iPhone are out of your Wi-Fi zone and into the great beyond of the mobile phone zone coverage. There would be no app store, no video libraries and no podcasts to make this digital age tolerable. But with the Schminternet there is eternal optimism that we will continue to create new and beautiful ways to deliver service and content in numerous forms and platforms. It may or may not have started out as a joke. And Virginia, you may choose to believe or not believe, but once the word Schminternet was spoken, it became a part of the lexicon and there’s no putting the genie back in the bottle. So Virginia, when you’re roaming but you’re no longer on the Internet, you’re on the Schminternet.

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