The scientist is an artist

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The scientist is an artist

Published on March 15, 2017 with 1 Comment

Using the words from Apple’s advertising campaign, “Here’s to the crazy ones,” along with several Apple Computer fonts, designer Dylan Roscover created a portrait of Steve Jobs. Using Adobe’s popular software, Rosco used an existing photo of Steve Jobs, bumped up the contrast and began creating the subject’s beard with lower case Garamond “L”. After three sleepless days and nights, Rosco can rest assured that the finished image is being much circulated.

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Rosco, a self-described “design geek,” describes his typical day as one filled with typography flying through his head. It begins at breakfast with him analyzing the colors on the cereal box. True obsession there. Now the question is – Science or Art? Yes, other people think in terms of graphic design v. art, but we’re so beyond that. Now it’s time to think of the art v. science angle.

As it turns out, when people go looking for the best scientists, they also find artists. Nobel Prize winners, for example are rarely the best academic students with high grades and higher IQs. They often have a broader range of talents and are usually involved in artistic pursuits, from music to painting to crafting things with their hands. Using hands and intellect – well, it goes hand in hand.

Examples of this are all over the annals of science history. Galileo was an artist, craftsman, musician and writer. Kepler was a musician as well. Sir Humphrey Davy, of the miner’s lamp and so much more, was a poet. Any number of Nobel laureates go on to discuss how music, poetry or woodworking helped them to become better scientists. Instead of being the one with the nose in a book, a great scientist looks out into the world once in a while, or more and finds the beauty that surrounds us – and he says to himself – what a wonderful world?

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  1. All artists are scientists and vice versa….at least the good ones are.

    As the Beastie Boys put it: “We’re the scientists of sound – we’re mathematically puttin’ it down…”