The Top 10 iPhone Apps for Web Masters

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Published on October 27, 2014 with 1 Comment

With iPhones seemingly everywhere these days, the savvy webmaster-on-the-go increasingly needs quality apps to maximize productivity. Here are 10 crucial iPhone apps to start your collection!

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10. Noter2

Whether your workspace fits the disorganized computer nerd stereotype or not, everyone can benefit from better organization. Have a great idea while out and about? This app will help you to record it, sync it to your computer (with the desktop app), email it, and prioritize it. This app will also help you juggle appointments and deadlines with greater ease.

Price: $2.99

9. uiNinja

The motto for this app is “Silent and stealthy user interface design inspiration”. Basically this app helps get the creative juices flowing by collecting daily examples of well-designed apps and websites for your viewing (and learning) pleasure. They also provide monthly rankings.

Price: Free

8. Subernova

Great for the freelance developer, this app lets you keep on top of projects, time sheets, milestones, and (perhaps best of all) automatically emails those clients who are behind on payment!

Price: Free (subscription required at 14.99/month)

7. Mocha VNC

As helpful as many of these apps are, there are those times you just need to be able to use your computer. Fortunately, this app allows you to remotely access your desktop straight from your iPhone. It’s no longer a problem when you forget a file that is only on your hard drive.

Price: $5.99 (free lite version also available)

6. Domain Scout

Check domain name availability faster than the competition. You can also look up WHOIS info on here. Furthermore, it enables you to easily email any noteworthy results.

Price: Free

5. Network Utility

Test networks using this cheap and handy app. Allows you to ping a server, do TCP port scans, access WHOIS, IP and geographic info from your phone.

Price: $.99

4. HTML Writer

A mobile HTML editor, this app also wins points for including a browser that lets you access HTML code, FTP upload/download functionality, and a simple option to email HTML files.

Price: $2.99

3. Analytics

Stay abreast on your latest web traffic on the go. This app provides efficient access to Google analytics data at the push of a button. Comes pre-packaged with 29 reports and the ability to create custom reports.

Price: $5.99

2. Pingdom

This app monitors all-important website response time data for you. Lets you know when your website goes down via email, tweet, text, and/or push. Even if that sounds like overkill, you won’t miss out when time is crucial and income is potentially being lost.

Price: Free ($9.95 monthly subscription required)

1. pTerm

Converts your iPhone into an SSH, Telnet and Raw Socket terminal. If you regularly use PuTTY, you will find most of its features reproduced on your iPhone with this app. Although not the easiest thing to do on an iPhone screen, zoom and portrait/landscape orientation features make it a little easier.

Price: $4.99

In conclusion, the marketplace for apps is growing and increasingly catering to the needs of webmasters and IT professionals. If you have an iPhone, don’t miss out on the competitive edge these apps can provide!

Author Bio: Ethan S. writes for, a popular web design company located in Melbourne, Australia.

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  1. The idea of being able to be productive on your phone sounds good in theory, but in my experience, trying to do a task on the small screen and without a physical keyboard is generally pretty inefficient. Out of these options, the only type of program that I found useful at times is a remote desktop client. But even with that, you generally need to leave your PC running to be able to access it.

    Perhaps the most useful app for web masters would be just any simple todo app to track of all the tasks that are in your schedule. Most of the other stuff just seems better suited for a laptop.