The tough moms go inventing

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The tough moms go inventing

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In contrast to generally held beliefs about such a name, a Grill Charm isn’t something you would find on a charm bracelet. It also doesn’t look like the wine glass charms you might use to identify you cabernet at a dinner party. And most of all it isn’t something that rap musicians attach to their teeth, though that would make for an interesting dining experience. Grill Charms are the hottest thing since rib eyes, allowing the home chef to prepare each person’s steak, chicken or burger to the individual level of doneness and spiciness. They’re dime-sized tacks with serrated-edged pointers that can be attached to each piece of meat as an identity marker before grilling. When the cooking’s done, no one has to ask to whom each piece belongs – it belongs to you.
Grill Charms is one of many products with the label, “Mom Inventions.” Though its inventor Leslie Haywood is a mom, the product was actually co-invented with her husband who couldn’t determine which jerk chicken pieces were “jerkier” than the others. Then the TV show, “Shark Tank” invited her to compete for working capital and the rest is about to be successful invention history. Regardless, it’s being hailed as another feather in the cap of moms. When the going gets tough, the tough go inventing.
From Gotta Go Mitts to Sock Ons to Club Libby Lu, a collection of “mom invented” products is hitting the market and carving out a lucrative niche. Most impressive is the Bheestie Bag, a product for drying out personal electronics which was not invented by a Beastie Boy’s mom. Tamara Monosoff who originated the “Mom Invented” label after inventing the TP saver device, created a web community, authored books on the subject and is on the speaking circuit. All in an effort to inspire moms to develop business plans around their inspired ideas. All of which could mean that mothers are a necessity for invention.

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