The Woz is dancing no more

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The Woz is dancing no more

Published on February 25, 2017 with No Comments

And now the end is here. And so he’s faced the final curtain. Tonight geeks everywhere can unchain themselves from Dancing with the Stars. Steve Wozniak’s dance card is empty and he has left the stage. We have no idea on whether there was indeed a phone app to facilitate voting for him as was mentioned in his blog, but like Apple II Es and Mac OS it was time for him to exit stage left or right – we don’t know. Now the Geekdom moves on, confident that the Woz did it his way.

Rocket scientists know that Woz wasn’t the best dancer out there. But did the judges have to be so rude? And did they have to pit our girthful guy against the handsome, svelte, flexible Frenchman? Doing the Argentine Tango? What gives? After all, the show features professional dancers with “stars,” who have made their fortune in something other than the dancing world. Who would think that you actually need dancing skills for a TV dancing show?

The Woz did us proud, showing that wealthy computer geeks can still take the heat with a smile. It’s also a milestone for us to check out Computerworld Magazine, usually immersed in such subjects as application scalability and disk cleaning apps, doing in-depth analysis of Woz’s dancing scores. After watching him do the Worm, or some kind of belly flop in one dance, we were left wondering. Isn’t there some kind of bravery medal that goes with that?

It’s just as well that that the dancing distraction is over and we can all tune in to our array of technological candy. We envision the Woz continues to hand out his metal business cards that are rumored to do double duty as steak knives. He’s a true geek to devise a legal carry-on weapon? Finally, it isn’t known whether the Woz’s friends dance, and if they don’t dance whether they’ll still be friends of his.

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