Their new technology is not like yours

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Their new technology is not like yours

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What if you could transmit an entire HD movie in one second? News from the world of Intel says you can. And that’s not all. Intel recently announced, the “World’s First End-to-End Silicon Photonics Connection with Integrated Lasers.” And it could be said that Intel’s silicon photonics connections are not like your connections – not the current ones, anyway. The new connection builds on an assortment of data transmitting technology developed in the twentieth century but now it increases performance and imagines new possibilities. The company anticipates that such a technological leap will revolutionize the face of computing. It will allow search engine companies, cloud computing providers and financial data centers to save costs, space and energy while also improving performance in an array of areas.
The long and the short of it is that the new technology will allow data transfer of up to 50 gigabits per second – that HD movie – all because light beams will replace current hardware. They can add more and more bandwidth at minimal cost by scaling up exponentially. With light instead of cables they no longer need to group components of a system relatively closely, these can now be spread out farther afield. Additionally, silicon is much cheaper and easier to acquire than current elements. Once this technology is out and about in the marketplace, the contents of an entire laptop can be copied in a second. Videoconferencing will be almost real as the people in conference seem to be in the room with you. But you still won’t be able to smell their cologne.

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