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It was perhaps the top tech gift over the past holiday season – well, for those who had a good amount of spendable income anyway. So what now? The iPad isn’t invincible – even though the Steve Jobs Action Figure may be. Accidents happen and if you didn’t buy that extended warranty, well, you’re out of luck for spilling water or spilling the whole entire iPad. And in the world of iPad cases, the choices can seem endless. From expensive designer cases to cute colorful ones and so much more, it’s overwhelming. For careful, organized people like your grandmother almost any case is fine. For the less than careful, the rugged cases are perhaps your best bet. Among these are Ballistic Tough Jacket series of cases with silicone, hard plastic and ballistic corners for shock resistance. Makers of the G Form Extreme iPad cover dropped a twelve pound bowling ball on their encased iPad to prove its one toughness. But critics say it doesn’t work when landing on its corner or edge.

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For those who travel frequently and carry other office supplies, there is the RAM Rugged Handi-Case which is like a portable office. Along with its convenient carrying handle, the RAM case has storage space for analog tools such as pens, paper and more. This brings us to the issue of other accessories. Stands and wall mounting systems are a matter of personal choice, selected according to the way you use your iPad. A good Bluetooth keyboard with a protective case, such as the one from Brookstone allows users the option of pretending the iPad is a laptop. The iPad’s touchscreen says fingers are all that’s needed, but if you hate fingerprints go for a stylus. Again it’s a good idea to choose the stylus that suits your uses. The ones for handwriting may not be useful for those who like to draw. Painters might like the Nomad brush which looks and feels like a brush but behaves like a finger on the iPad screen. And if all you do is play Angry Birds well, you don’t need accessories.

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