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In the world of apps, it would seem as if no one can even come close to the gazillion or so and counting, apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch. But other smart phones haven’t given up completely. After all, any given person really needs just a few good apps that serve them well. The Blackberry folks are hoping that merging snail mail with Internet capabilities may just be the app that bridges the gap between old-school, set-in-their-ways types and their social networking tribes.
With a simple free download, Blackberry users can use photos from their mobile device to create a snail mail post card to their loved ones. Type in the delivery information and someone somewhere will take care of printing the post card on physical paper, complete with the address and stamp and off it goes. With such an app, who knows, instead of internet killing the postal service, Blackberry could just be saving it. And just in case the folks at RIM are asking, couldn’t we all use more apps that behave like humans? Standing in line for tickets or bargains, as the case may be. Doing the laundry? Breakfast?
For such convenience and gap bridging, users are told to expect that such post cards from the edge of cyberspace will include advertisements. Small print says you only get two free postcards per day and you’ll have to pay for the rest. Not truly a problem if you’re on the road for weeks at a time and only have two friends – who are not on Facebook. For folks not on the road a lot who spend a lot of time in meetings where the Blackberry is banned, instead of an app, there are rumors of a new Blackberry compatible watch for that – looks like a timepiece on your wrist but really shows what you’re missing on your Blackberry. Everyone’s waiting.

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