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A sequel usually refers to movies or books, except in the Geekdom where it might also refer to Ruby Sequel and Sequel Pro for MySQL. As it turns out sequels are also coming of age in the world of apps. Or is it that the world of apps is coming of age? Either way, Mobilityware, the developers of the popular app Word Warp have now issued a sequel, Word Warp Xtreme. And who wouldn’t after the news that Word Warp was “allegedly” bringing in $10,000 per month in advertising revenue?
Anyone who has played Word Warp, an app store star performer, can attest to its completely addictive qualities. You’re given six letters and your task is to form as many words as possible, some words being more acceptable than others. You must also get the six-letter word or words to continue amassing points. And ultimately, it’s the chasing of points that probably drives us to keep playing. Word Warp Xtreme is the “on-steroids” version of this. There are numerous challenging aspects including seven letter words. And who would have guessed how much more challenging it is with just one more letter.
In creating the sequel app, the developers claim to have taken suggestions from fans. Perhaps the coolest thing about Xtreme is the social aspect of it. And we’re not talking just Facebook here. If someone next to you has a compatible device with the app on it, you could enable Bluetooth and play against each other. Additionally, while the app is free with advertisements in between games, Xtreme has an option for you buy the app and skip the ads. But if not for the ads how would you know about the next big app.

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