This art is alive and well

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This art is alive and well

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It is perhaps an unlikely place to find art and it is perhaps an unlikely form of art but it’s perfectly placed to delight and lift the spirits of all who wander nearby. A French botanist, Patrick Blanc has designed a vertical garden that literally hangs on a wall at the Goodwill headquarters in Tacoma, Washington. Blanc has made a name for himself for untraditional garden logic. He thinks of the vertical garden as more living art than garden. In this new installation he is blending art and science, throwing caution to the wind – and rain and snow.
For those who frequent rain forests around the world, it is common knowledge that plants including orchids and other epiphytes don’t necessarily have to grow from roots in the ground. Rather they attach themselves to other plants or rocky cliffs and the like. This was Blanc’s inspiration for taking this idea to the next level with the thinking that this habitat could be replicated on concrete walls. After noticing photos of Blanc’s work in magazines, architects for the Goodwill headquarters decided that they wanted a vertical garden and they commissioned Blanc to create the living wall.
The wall with its mass plantings of 96 plant species is a complex structure made with felt stapled to sheets of PVC to imitate the traditional moss. Blanc carefully structured the garden for shade loving plants to be sheltered by sun loving types and moisture dependent species to be in the lower part of the garden. All of it is watered by grid of pipes that deliver water and nutrients. It is reported that birds and probably bees love this design as well. We’re wondering what this means for that wedding dress he designed.

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