This game addiction can bring inner peace

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“Video games are addictive and we all live in an addictive society. People are addicted to their BlackBerries. People are addicted to their computer. And kids — and pretty clever adults, women included — are addicted to video games, the ones that play them.” These words were spoken by none other than Deepak Chopra, acclaimed spirituality expert, author of 65 books and once assistant to the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. This very same Deepak Chopra seems to be hoping that many people, women included, become addicted to his video game, Leela. Lest anyone envision this video game to include car chases, gun battles and other adrenaline rushing activities, envision again. Leela, for the Xbox 360 Kinect aims to get you in touch with your chakras so that through your game addiction, you can achieve inner peace. In one game sequence called, the third-eye chakra, you rotate your head as you “fly through a tube of light on the screen.” Like wow, man. There are also meditative moments.

Over the years, Chopra who is a medical doctor, has covered spirituality from various angles all with the message that you can tap in to some sort of inner thing that will bring you enlightenment. His tag lines range from “God gets the joke – Find out why,” to “Create your own luck,” and “Attract love in your life.” And that’s just the beginning. But now it’s all about technology and the soul. Some day we may be able to monitor brain waves within a game. Technology may even help accelerate the evolution of the human brain. And someday, a video game might even be able to tap into your dreams so you can watch your dreams, choreograph them and well, that’s better than all those other addictions Chopra mentioned. And if you think you’ve heard of Leela before, well, originally this name was given to a board game in India – precursor to Snakes and Ladders.

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