This Lion is not sleeping

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An operating system that you can download from the App Store for just $30 took the world by storm with over a million downloads on the first day. For Mac fans everywhere, Lion roaring into town means that the smart phone experience has come to computers and the mouse is essentially headed to extinction. Instead of clicking you’ll be tapping, scrolling and pinching. The folks at Apple also enthused about Lion allowing you to have multiple desktops open all at once and switching between them with three finger swipes. While Windows has had auto save for some time, Lion has auto save, but in versions, all the better to check each iteration of your work. With such ease of navigation, easy to see what programs you are running, and touch screen navigation, this could be the beginning of a sea change in computer operating systems.
But what are reviewers saying? Well, at its core, it’s a lot like its predecessor, the Snow Leopard system, with some tweaks that make it better. Likes include: the drag and drop file sharing system, the upgraded video player which now has editing capabilities and no hassle zooming in and out of web pages – with just a pinch. Still, in the hands of reviewers Lion doesn’t always get the king-of-the-jungle royal treatment. The multiple finger scrolling isn’t for everyone. Plus, people with less than nimble fingers can wind up viewing unintended web pages. Also, scrolling up to see the bottom of pages goes against previous conventions, which makes it awkward. And in the end, one reviewer wondered – is this all there is? Ouch.

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