Time for a smart phone smackdown

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Time for a smart phone smackdown

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One fine day the iPhone aware of its tens of thousands of apps and billion downloads, skipped through the hallways in a very puffed up state of mind. There it would encounter, of all things, a Blackberry. Wait a minute, how come you’re still around? Aren’t you a bit long in the tooth? Ten years in this business is an eternity – said the iPhone to the Blackberry.


Said the Blackberry to the iPhone: Surprised you, eh? At which point the iPhone recognized the Blackberry’s Canadian accent. The Blackberry would go on to note that back in 2006 when the iPhone was but a glint in Steve Jobs eye, the word of the year was, “Crackberry.” And you know where that came from.


The iPhone recalled its very cool apps store. Then Blackberry chimed in about Blackberry App World where you can get the New York Times Crossword Puzzle along with a plethora of useful apps. Not to mention the awesome Pandora online radio where the computer chooses similar music based on the tunes you’ve selected. You really mean – there’s an app for that, said the iPhone.

Then the iPhone mentioned its 21 million owners. Well it may have taken ten years to iPhone’s two but Blackberry’s got 21 million owners as well. And incidentally, iPhone should take note that just this past business period, Blackberry gained market share. Can the iPhone hear the footsteps? Footsteps, shmootsteps. Where did a crazy name like Blackberry come from, wondered the iPhone.

Back in time, a Canadian company, Research in Motion introduced its hand held two-way pager. In 2002 the next iteration was called a smart phone. A wise old sage, or a marketing genius hired the company that named Apple’s Powerbook to give the RIM smart phone a sexy new name. Someone thought the keys looked like seeds in a strawberry. And the name brainstorming began. It could have been strawberry or melon or guava but definitely not lemon. Blackberry stuck.


Just when things were heating up, there came a new voice. Hey y’all. There’s a new sheriff in town. And the Palm Pre introduced itself. It can run ten programs at once. Can these other guys do that? Stay tuned. This could get ugly.

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