To draw or not to draw

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For Veronique Vienne, a graphic designer turned writer, the French version of graphic design is completely different from the American version. In summary, the French are more about the art while the Americans are more about the commercial. Americans are big on logos and icons related to business of some kind. The French, they are more about the art. Americans, they Photoshop. The French? Ah the French. They must first learn to draw with a piece of charcoal and then graduate to that high tech instrument we call the pencil. This knitted-brow group is decidedly non-convivial, ready to challenge the client in an effort to achieve more artistic and loftier goals. And who can blame them? In order to make it into the best graphic design programs they must be able to produce a fairly accurate likeness of Venus de Milo.
It isn’t known how Veronique might evaluate Fanien Barral’s graphic designs. As a born and raised, still living and working in France, graphic designer, Fabien couldn’t draw Venus de anything to save his life. But he is Fabien and he is fabulous and somehow he manages to cut through the clutter of art v. design in the eyes of the French. Still, Fabien wants you to know that design doesn’t come from a computer or a pencil if that’s what you do, but rather from a big idea inside your head. So if you really want to design, step away from the computer and always let your subconscious be your guide to fabulous work. Wouldn’t Freud have loved this?


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