tobyMac Tonight

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tobyMac Tonight

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“tobyMac is more than just your run-of-the-mill triple threat. On one hand he ranks among the most successful artists in Christian music history in terms of radio success, sales power and critical acclaim. On the other he is universally recognized as a creative force, an artistic maverick and a prophetic voice for racial reconciliation, social justice and a fierce devotion to faith and family. On the third hand, he’s the most humble and approachable merchant of cool on the scene today. Yeah; that’s three hands. Some things defy common logic.

YOUTUBE: Lose My Soul

Obviously, when it comes time for a new tobyMac record to drop there are a lot of people paying attention. His rampant eclecticism and consistent excellence have set the bar very high. An increased commitment to melody and soulful singing abounds, while his now trademarked rock/funk/hip-hop side hits deeper grooves and catchier hooks than ever before.”

tobyMac released his newest work February 9th, 2010. Read More >>>

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