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So you’re up to speed: you’ve got your twitter account and  your facebook, you video chat, IM, text from your phone, make calls all simultaneously and now you’re looking for a way to combine all of these gizmos. What to do. . Tokbox is gaining acclaim not for being revolutionary, but for being intuitive. Once signed on, Tokbox lets you lasso up friends from all over: AOL, MSN, twitter, email, etc. and contact them through video chat, video message, text message, or instant message. Think Skype meets twitter.


It’s easy to imbed your Tokbox address into any one of your social network profiles, blogs, or websites. You can invite as many people to join in a live conference call as you want -webcams required of course. You might just have fun integrating your favorite tools with Tokbox. Everything’s better with video right? See how some people are Tokboxin’:

TokBox Demo With My Tweets from Carlos Whittaker on Vimeo.

Here’s Tokbox’s quick tutorial:

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