Too much Twitter or marketing tool?

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Published on July 21, 2016 with No Comments

If it seems like every time you tune in to radio or television, or read newspapers or magazines, the word, “Twitter” appears, you’re right. In one week in February there were about a thousand media mentions of Twitter. Okay so you don’t care, it’s just too much.

On the other side of this, advocates of smart marketing say you can’t beat them so you might as well join Twitter and use it as your very own marketing tool.

It seems a lifetime ago when Seth Godin published his book, Permission Marketing, that called for businesses to reinvent the way they related to customers. In a world saturated with advertising, Godin advocated e-mail marketing as one way to establish personal relationships with customers. But now, that’s been done and practically gone and it’s time to look at new avenues.

Who knows if Twitter will be the hot thing, in ten years, or even next year? We sure don’t. And we don’t care. What we do know is that gazillions of people are connecting with Twitter’s now famous 140 character messages. Shaquille O’Neal with nearly 357,000 followers, Martha Stewart with 168,000 and everyone from the President to CEOs to celebrities are on it.

As with everything else, it’s how you use it that matters. Advertising guru Donny Deustch promotes his show, Martha tells people about her lobster ravioli dinner – we had cheese ravioli from the grocer’s freezer – in case you care. Some use it to point to their blogs. Any number of CEOs may or may not post but they monitor comments about their business and products. Southwest Airlines is known for reaching out to customers who Twittered, uh, tweeted?

In the no brainer column here, it’s cheap, easy and reaches a lot of people. All of which extends the possibilities for getting noticed by someone notable. Could your products get by with a little help from Twitter? What have you got to lose?

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