Top 10 Apple iCloud Features, Predictions & Improvements

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The introduction of the iCloud service by Apple has made owning one of its products much more convenient. But what will Apple will be including in the second edition of its iCloud platform?
Here are 10 potential features, some of which are official while others are just possibilities.

Video Synching – The second version of iCloud will be harnessing the power of Apple’s remote servers in order to make it possible to wirelessly synch up your video collection across multiple devices. This will follow in the footsteps of the photo synching which was introduced when iCloud first arrived in 2011.

Social Interaction – Apple is looking to add a more social aspect to iCloud, allowing friends and family to easily access content which they share and also add their own comments to it as you can on full social-networking services. This might become more prominent in the future and could hint at Apple’s intention to start its own social-networking site.

iWork – The precursor to iCloud was MobileMe, but Apple is finally bringing most of its functionality on board with the second version of its free cloud service. This includes iWork, which allows you to handle documents, spreadsheets and other file types so that the cloud is not just targeted at media files such as photos and videos. This will make it a more productive tool.

Apps – With iCloud 2.0 there will be an emphasis on removing the fragmentation from Apple’s app platforms, allowing iOS apps to live in the same space as web apps and Mac apps. This will be convenient for users and will also appeal to developers, who will be better able to promote their products.

Photo Enhancements – It is thought that Apple is working on the photo-sharing element of iCloud, which was a core feature of its original version, in order to make it even more functional. This could include an improved user interface and perhaps even better sharing and editing tools to make it easier to view your photos across multiple Apple devices.

Windows Support – Apple is doing more to make iCloud an appealing service for people who have a Windows-based PC rather than a Mac device running OS X. It has apparently rolled out a brand-new version of the Windows control panel for iCloud to app developers, which will come with calendar notifications, a shared photo stream and improved social features.

Find My Phone – Apple will be making it simpler to identify the location and status of a lost or stolen iOS device using the new version of iCloud. Users are reportedly going to be able to harness the Find My Phone service in conjunction with iCloud so that it tells you how much battery life your handset has remaining. This information will give an indication of how much time you have to find your device before the charge is completely depleted.

Notes and Reminders – Two of Apple’s popular programs are going to get web-based apps courtesy of iCloud 2.0. Notes and Reminders will both be going live in tandem with its launch, with support offered via OS X Mountain Lion, according to MacRumours. allows users to compare mobile broadband deals and this information can allow you to make the most out ofiCloud by giving you a data tariff that lets you synchronise without paying too much.

Security – Most iCloud users will hope that Apple is taking precautions to ensure that the new version of the service will be very secure indeed. If it makes the experience more social then it could open up avenues which hackers might be able to exploit, compromising user privacy. Ideally, these concerns will be addressed before the full release goes live.

Compatibility – While iCloud is currently limited only to iOS and OS X devices, with support for Windows PCs, it would be good to see Appleembracing the wider community of portable platforms such as Android and Windows Phone. Many people own both an Apple device and a gadget based on a rival mobile operating system, but if Apple wants to make iCloudeven more functional and inclusive, it could create apps for alternatives. This is perhaps not a very likely scenario, but it is possible. More will be known about the new iCloud service once it comes closer to launch in the autumn of 2012.

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