Looking for a few tough computers?

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Published on December 16, 2016 with 2 Comments

If you’re known for being abusive to your technology, you’ve probably spent more than a moment in angst over spilt milk, or some other liquid on your laptop or other technology. But it need not be so. Thanks to the U.S. Military, help in the form of “ruggedized” products is on its way to you. Well it, can be on its way to you, if you go looking for such technology. The military demands much from its technology, from freezing cold mountains to hot, dry deserts and everything in between. But military ruggedness standards are available in the consumer market as well. Whether for work in the farm field, construction field or something else, there are ruggedized computers and phones for the job. However, not all rugged technology is created equal. There are levels to ruggedness and price points to go with each level.

At one end of the spectrum is “business rugged,” which means a device can take a little bit of pushing around but not too much. It’s not exactly a cheap weakling but it doesn’t take a licking either. Such a laptop might have a spill-resistant keyboard along with other sturdy features. The next step up is “semi-ruggedness,” that allows a device to withstand some water, higher temperatures and being dropped a few feet, among others. A truly powerful device is “fully rugged.” It is king of the laptop jungle, capable of being immersed, or sprayed with jets of water, being dropped from six feet up, and also able to run at higher altitude. James Bond might have used a few of these. Some of the notable devices in this last species are made by defense contractors. They have features such as glow-in-the dark keyboards and screens that can be viewed even in bright sunlight. It would seem that you can throw stuff at it or throw it at stuff and it will still keep going.

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  1. FWIW – we need more robust fans and cooling. Had several issues with fans making noise. Guess we have a lot to learn from apple about phones and iPads.

  2. Solid state drives are helpful towards this end with no moving parts.