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At home eating my delicious ham and cheese sandwich with gourmet chips and a pickle. Also drinking a very cold glass of raspberry lemonade. That’s what you might be doing now but should you really go ahead and add that to the Twittersphere? If you’re Kim Kardashian – probably people care. But if you’re Kim Johnson – probably not. Twitter may have been about you in 140 characters, a year ago or six months ago but it’s not that anymore.
Twitter is about marketing. Marie Osmond tweets about her lines of dolls and fabrics. Katie Couric tweets about her upcoming interview or about a magazine article featuring her – where you can get details about her life. As expected CNN tweets breaking news whether or not it’s really breaking news. And Kim Kardashian tweets about her Armani jeans, her favorite movie, her e-bay auctions and the two donuts she ate.
One smart cookie in the twitter world is Carri Bugbee, a marketing consultant who spotted the digital marketing capabilities and set out to capitalize on it. Noting that someone was tweeting as the character Don Draper in “Mad Men,” Carri began to wonder. Why didn’t she think of that? Soon enough she had adopted the character, Peggy Olson and was tweeting away. She amassed 12,000 followers and was seeking out other “Mad Men” characters to engage. When other characters tired of imitation tweetery, Carri took on their characters. For her it is a “fun organic thing.” Our apologies to those who think the word “organic” is overused.
She would go on to win a social media award – who knew those existed. Now she has opened an advertising agency around social media marketing. She is offering her promotional services to other television shows who want to create a social media relationship with their viewers. She sets up different Twitter identities around topics such as jazz, to stay organized and market more effectively. Here’s a tweet from her – Why are S. Korean prisoners such good dancers? It’s rather impressive. Are American thugs this light on their feet?

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