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Up until now all the buzz was about social networking, befriending and friending the people you know and the people they know for further personal and professional gain. In that world, the word “unsocial” was a negative word, as in “The groundhog leads a very unsocial life and then it dies.” But now “Unsocial” is good because it’s an app. And it’s not just another social network. It’s a way of connecting and possibly friending those who don’t know you, or those you don’t know and especially those whom you have never met. It provides a way to send direct messages between those who would otherwise not connect. Unsocial is likely to be more useful as a business rather than a personal app.
Available for Android and iPhone, Unsocial is a free download. It is useful for professionals who want to connect with like minded others in similar fields who are in close geographical proximity. Make that, like minded humans, though it is entirely possible there are like minded aliens and intelligent animals. In any case, the Unsocial user inputs keywords such as “particle physics,” or “information architect,” or “graphic artist,” as the case may be. Add the traits of people the user is seeking. When the user opens the Unsocial application and clicks on the “People” button, it shows relevant, nearby matches. Use it at conferences or trade shows for quick connection in a sea of possibilities.

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