Upcoming “Tech” Practices for 2013

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Something new is always happening in the tech world. Latest innovations keep on adding to the unending list of the advances already made in all the fields of technology. Year 2012 has been a roller coaster ride for the tech lovers. So these admirers will surely be expecting some new and exciting surprises during 2013 as well. Worry not! The year ahead has planned many important events and is about to unveil some of the very unique additions just for those who are always ready for trying out something new.

Let us look at a detailed account about all the new technologies being introduced in 2013 and the pivotal tech events that are about to enlighten you about how you can make the most out of these very unique inclusions in technology.

Important Tech Debuts

The technologies being introduced in 2013 are sure to offer you all with a whole new level of fun and accessibility, allowing you to enjoy a better interactivity as well as organization wherever you are. 6 most important tech debuts during the year ahead are as follows:

One of the most popular web browser companies, Mozilla Firefox, is now introducing a whole new mobile operating system called Firefox OS where the users can enjoy the convenient features of this browser even on their Smartphones. This dynamic company has assured all its customers of a user-friendly system that is yet claimed to be cheaper than the Android. The system is strong enough to support rich contents with HTML5. Moreover, this OS will allow you to take quick successive shots as well as carry on with some slow motion fun effortlessly. Firefox has emerged out very significantly by introducing this technology and will be loved by all the users just the same way it was done on the PCs.

The all-time favorites, Tablet PCs are now about to reach you with a new funky look for making your experience even more enjoyable. But the point to be noted is that now you will be fortunate enough to have the Pro models of these tablets with Intel i5 dual-core processor. Such unique swipes and gestures are there on the new Metro interface that are truly irresistible. The lucrative Office Touch Apps offered in these tablets are so attractive that even the business users won’t be able to ignore the benefits of these tablet PCs.

A device named Amazon Kindle Phone is going to be unveiled in 2013. It is reported to have a 5-inch display, quite similar to the ones found in Samsung Galaxy Note and iPhone 5. It is also being expected that the gadget has many similarities to the Kindle Fire mini tablet and is offering many innovative apps to the users for reading books and watching the desired videos. Although there are no screenshots for the gadget available yet, the image on the right will give you some hint of how you should expect the gadget to be.

iPads have been amazing their users for a long time. In 2013, iPad mini will pass out the manufacturing phase and will be ready to surprise the users with the highly advanced features enclosed in an 8-inch version. This pretty little iPad is being reported to be competent enough that it will soon come at par with the other contemporaries (Apple MacBook, Nexus 7 tablet, Amazon Kindle Fire).

We first used to dream that a day will come when everything will be done with just a flick of the hand. Our dream has finally come true! The tablet computers already had this technology with the name of Gesture control, but it has been evolved to Leap motion now. This device, just by sitting quietly next to the computer, can detect the hand movements of the user with a surprising accuracy of 1/100 of a millimeter. It is even easier now to manipulate objects and flip through photos without touching the screen. Business users will feel more relieved as Leap motion will allow them to answer their calls and give effective presentations painlessly!

A very cool technology is also being introduced for being incorporated into the cars and will change the way you travel through long distances. It is called Cadillac Super Cruise. This technology employs semi-autonomous intelligence that monitors the sides of the road as well as the car right in front of you.

Now you can even take your hands off the steering wheel, especially in tight traffic jams. The exact date of the launch is still unknown but this technology is out there, waiting to be explored in 2013!

Important Tech Events

As it is done every year, many exciting and enlightening tech events are coming up during 2013, where all the tech admirers get the opportunity of coming together and exchanging their valuable reviews with each other. These events have always been the centers where all the tech related news spring up first. 5 most awaited tech events of the year 2013 are as follows:

Social Media Week is at the top of the list. This event always brings together all the renowned personalities related to the social media who not only allow the visitors to have some awareness about the impacts of social media on our lives but also give fresh ideas about getting the best out of these media whenever you come across any of these. This event has also been famous for the tech places where all this happens. This time Africa has been chosen for this prestigious event, expected to take place in the month of February.

TechCrunch Disrupt is another sensational event for the tech lovers. This event is expected to continue for about 3 days in the months of April to May. The event focuses on all the latest changes occurring in the technological world, what makes them happen and how to tackle with these changes effectively.

The International Consumer Electronics Show is the grand call in the tech industry. It is expected to be held in the month of January. Some of the world’s biggest tech names like Samsung, Panasonic, Verizon and renowned brands like Coca Cola are among the sponsors of this majestic event. What else can you ask for when you come across all what you want under one roof!

LeWeb has much more to shock you all! This event has been planned to be conducted in London on June 5th and 6th during this year. But the best part is the highly eminent addressees that are going to actively participate in this event. They include the Executive chairman of Google, Co-founder of YouTube, first president of Facebook and many other reputed names. No one would want to miss such an event offering so much at a time.

South by Southwest is a well-known center where some of the tech geniuses take part, sharing their revolutionary ideas about all the fields of technology, whether it is video games or other digital works. It is expected to be held in March from 8th to 12th of the month at the famous venue of Austin Texas. 

These are just some of the attractions coming soon. But it is just the beginning of 2013. No one can exactly predict what more this year has in store for us all. Still these highlighted tech practices are a promise of the upcoming revolutions we still have to discover!

This guest post is written by Muneeb Ahmed who is Marketing consultant @Corporate Housing Pakistan Contact Muneeb @mun33b for more information.  

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