Utilization of technology ensures steep growth

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Proper utilization of technology in work environment ensures steep growth in Business

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We are in the epoch of most powerful technology. Almost every business is dependent on technology. In most of the offices Paper work environment had been replaced by paper free environment. Technology has also reduced time of each activity and come forth with so much ease and comfort in work environment. It is due to technology that complex data which was difficult to gather and compile in past, just one click away to Analyze and compile to make good inference for your project and strategy. Businesses are so much dependent on technology that if we took it away from them, their productivity and growth will decline. New Technology having some complexities and some people show resistance to adopt new technology in work environment. But with a proper motivation and training you can change their work attitude and capable them to paced positively with new environment. By introducing new technology in your work environment you can harvest maximum benefits from it.

If we look around we can analyze that how many businesses are in the better place due to the fruit of technology. Technology plays a pivotal role in the success of any business. It is due to technology that administrative task like inventory, bookkeeping and financial reporting which took so much time in past is very easy to calculate and analyze due to the innovation in the field of technology. We have seen continuous innovation in the field of technology. Innovation involves transformation of ideas into reality. It is the effect of innovation that changed our lives in better condition.

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Even the nation Economic growth is measured according to the level of technology. We can easily and cheaply transfer information from one point to another through computers, Mobile phones, high-speed Broadband, fax machines, televisions, digital cameras, Electronic Gadgets and other accessible devices. Businesses have become so much addict of technology if we took it away from them will leave them in condition of chaos and turmoil.


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Due to the innovation in the field of technology, Computers are now equipped with such kind of management programs which has brought positive results for business. You can easily implement human resource information system in your work environment, through which you can easily calculate and transfer information of employee work hours, leave and salaries to finance department and top level management, which later use them to do appraisal for employees. There is a continuous process of such kind of productive innovation in technology since last decade. Innovation of iPhone and iPad is one of the examples of it. Technology having positive results in such business areas like, Meeting and scheduling, financing, Banking, Business Monitoring, Spreadsheets, Research, Networking, relaying Information, Integration and Analysis. Technology has enabled the businesses to work more efficiently and effectively, manage time, respond to the public query quickly, and also manage expenses like debit & credit etc. In short we can say that technology has eased and bring comfort not only for business but also for peoples.

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  1. Technology is definitely good to a certain point. However, there are definitely also areas where it can decrease productivity and/or cause unneeded distractions.

    About a month back, I attempted to use an iPad for taking notes in an online class. It did the job alright, but when I switched back to pencil and paper, my productivity in note taking and in assignments both went way up. One disadvantage of the iPad is that, even with the usage of a stylus, you loose much of the accuracy that you get with an old-fashioned pencil and paper. I can’t tell you how much time I wasted by zooming the page and adjusting the work to make it fit properly on the virtual page. The constraints that you get using a physical piece of paper prevents a lot of the extra complexity so you can put greater focus into the actual work.