Vodio and Flipboard personalize your media experience

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Just over a year ago Flipboard was being hailed as one of the 50 best recent inventions for its magazine-style, newsreader, iPad app that incorporated social media. In a more recent move, Flipboard announced a version for the iPhone so that users could go mobile and incorporate the one thumb approach most commonly associated with iPhone browsing. And even more recently, with the recognition that every type of media should be personalized, another company launched Vodio which is said to be Flipboard for videos. Essentially both Vodio and Flipboard are apps that facilitate filtering by the user. As the mass of web content grows, there are also more efforts underway to bring us inventive ways to sift out the unwanted and attend only to our personalized subset of the offerings.

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Flipboard is actually very popular. It is said that Flipboard users do around 650 million flips per day. Okay, these are not 650 million somersaulting people, but rather people flipping through pages on Flipboard. At its inception Flipboard claimed to draw upon affection for the beauty of the printed form. It aimed to transform this type of beauty in a magazine styled display on the iPad which also would allow users to easily select desired content. One of its highpoints is its ability to troll through your Facebook and Twitter accounts and incorporate them into your magazine. As for Vodio, it has categories of videos such as entertainment, music and education, for example. It’s being billed as the next level of video consumption on the go. Only time will tell. Meanwhile even more filtering and sifting apps are on the way.

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