Washing your keyboard and other tech myths

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Washing your keyboard and other tech myths

Published on January 31, 2017 with No Comments

Yes Virginia, you can put your keyboard through the dishwasher. But not so fast. If your keyboard is wireless or has batteries, this is not advised. Any technology with batteries or wireless capabilities will not work after a washing. But investigators from CNET have discovered that the regular old wired keyboards can be put through the dishwasher with no consequences. We have not tried this at home so approach with caution. Meanwhile the same investigative techniques were applied to other tech myths and there are answers.
You don’t need to turn off your computer for 15 seconds when rebooting. As little as five seconds will do. And just for the record, a regular sleep and shutdown schedule is good for your computer. While you are away, let your computer sleep. And while you are sleeping, shutdown your computer so that it too will start the new day with clear memory. Additionally, while digital recordings may be of better quality than analog, digital recordings are at risk for being corrupted and degraded – so they really aren’t forever. One thing that may be forever? The files on your hard drive. Delete is like that bag of clothes for Goodwill. It may be marked but it’s still there. Truly deleting your files from a hard drive actually requires drilling random holes through the drive – in an analog kind of way.

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