We’re inside the Visual Junkie Store

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Hello! Is anybody out there? Here we are inside Visual Junkie, an online store in

. We love it here but we’re encountering some very interesting characters and we’re not sure what they’re all about. There’s Antlor, the Deer Departed. As a paper kit for a deer head, he’s not too offbeat and he’s kind of a happy guy who doesn’t mind being picked on. He says he’s glad we’re here because he likes company. It’s nice to be welcomed into someone else’s world.

For the longest time we’ve been staring at these guys who call themselves, Elements Prologue Set – as if that’s supposed to mean anything. We’ve given them our standard line – we come in peace. They look like squeezy, colorful plastic bubbles with personalities. They supposedly represent earth, fire, water and air. Okay, so they’re part of that new agey group. We get that.

Our closest friends are Bop N’ Beep, a conjoined pair in the Ugly Doll family. We like them because they’re friendly and very social. They do like to have a good time though. And this is not the case with all members of their family. There’s Cinko who claims to be opinionated but mainly he just sticks his tongue out at us.

During our down time we read. There is quite the collection of interesting reading material here. The Thai Magazine Covers is especially interesting because we have no clue what it’s about. Our favorite so far is Pictoplasma, The Character Encyclopaedia that traces the character design movement. We were first intrigued by the weird spelling but we’re learning a lot.

Just a bit ago we decided to go visit the Visual Junkie blog because we needed a break. Now we’re almost there. There’s the name Si Scott. His artworks of pen and ink are supposed to be interesting. Oh no! Run! We’re being chased by one of Si Scott’s creatures. A duck? A goose? Run. We gotta run.

Visit the Visual Junkie store here

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