What are the Best CRM Technologies Available?

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In a perfect world our companies run like clockwork, our clients are always happy with the service they receive, our employees are always motivated and ready for a good day at work and we are making a tidy profit and not worrying about the future. That’s the perfect world scenario that many of us strive toward achieving. However, in the real world things are very unlikely to be quite that good. Our clients complain about our prices and service, our employees believe themselves to be overworked and underpaid and, in these difficult times, we are struggling to keep the bank manager happy. So let’s make everybody’s lives just that little bit better by introducing some of the best CRM technologies around.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (Photo credit: Gari)

If you have never heard of CRM before then it is probably worth telling you that it stands for Customer Relationship Management and it is something that your company could definitely find useful. There are several different ways of introducing the systems to your business from software applications to online websites, but for smaller companies the best CRM option is probably the online one.

Here you will have access to a website that can seriously help you improve the efficiency and quality of your company. You see, CRM is all about helping you find information fast from anywhere in the world and act on it with the minimum amount of fuss and the best CRM will do exactly that.

Services that are probably very useful to you are available at the touch of a mouse button from a computer or even mobile technology. So what are the best CRM technologies to look out for?

Monitoring, Management, and the Promise of Soc...

Monitoring, Management, and the Promise of Social CRM (Photo credit: matt.searles)

First of all you need to keep your clients happy and keep them coming back for more. There are CRM systems that monitor social network sites and reply to any posts that feature your company or products in any way. Others can log emails and redirect them to the correct member of staff. Remember that these services can be accessed from anywhere so you are constantly in touch with what is going on.

Next you want a happy staff room and one of the best CRM systems is perfect for allowing your employees to spend their time being effective. Rather than slogging through list upon list of spreadsheets or customer databases, all of the relevant information is stored in one easy to find place that can be accessed in a matter of seconds.

Wishlist: Microsoft Live ID integration with M...

Wishlist: Microsoft Live ID integration with Microsoft Online Services ID (VID_20111128_172222.mp4) (Photo credit: labanex)

Then there is you; the boss. You want to know that your company is heading in the right direction and that targets and budgets are being realized. Another of the best CRM systems can do all of this for you. Sales data can be updated instantly and the sales process can be logged at every stage from initial contact to project completion. CRM can even project your financial figures for you and help you recognize where your business is working and where it isn’t. It can also give you some priceless marketing information to help you decide where the best marketing strategies lie.

So if you want to move a little closer to that perfect world then you need to implement some of the best CRM systems into your business. You will be surprised how quickly they start to have an effect.

About the author:
Iren Parusheva have been using some of the best CRM (Melhor CRM is the term in Portuguese) systems from a quite of time and she is more than happy to share her knowledge.

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