What Social Media Marketing Services Are There?

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Have you ever read an interesting article on a news website, gone to share it to a social network and been presented with columns upon columns of colorful but incomprehensible icons? With hundreds of social media networks to choose from, it’s clear to see the social media boom is well and truly underway. However, for firms looking to take advantage of social media through marketing, it can be tough to know which network your business should be hitting the ground and running with and considering working with a social media agency.

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Facebook Marketing
Facebook is the big one – ‘the daddy’ of social media. If you haven’t heard of this social networking behemoth, then where have you been for the past ten years or so? With over a billion active users and more than half of them using the network on a mobile device, Facebook is one is the pioneers of social media as we know it.

Facebook’s incredibly large user base makes it an ideal platform for businesses looking to engage with new and existing consumers. With an unrivalled reach, Facebook actually has the potential to truly kick-start a business as well as actively engage with a firm’s consumer base.

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Twitter Marketing
Twitter, a micro-blogging social service, is another big player in the social media sphere. It enables users to send a read text-based messages of up to 140 characters. The character limit means that short, sharp messages are key to the network and represent part of its appeal.

With a variety of celebrities, broadcasters, journalists and everyday consumers using the network (all part of a user base of 200 million active members), it’s easy to see why businesses need to be using Twitter as part of their marketing campaigns.

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LinkedIn Marketing
Professional social network LinkedIn is also a social media platform experiencing rapid growth. With over 200 million active users, part of LinkedIn’s appeal is its scale for professional networking. As a result, it is a priority that your business has a page on the site which provides an anchor point of information, showing off your service details, employee count and generally making your business more transparent to the consumer.

As it is used in more than 200 countries and territories, LinkedIn has the potential to help your firm go international with its reach.

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Google+ Marketing
Google+ is the brainchild of search engine giant Google and, at first glance, it looks like a slicker, cleaner Facebook. However, Google+ is not merely just a single site that users can access – it represents just one of many social layers that cover Google’s overarching operations, from search to video site YouTube.

As well as being the fastest growing social network of all time, its link with the world’s biggest search engine makes Google+ integral for any business considering social media marketing.

Content Marketing
It’s not good enough merely signing up to these social networks and creating a profile. Do you think readers will resonate with a bare-bones company profile?

Think of these networks as muscles in the body – they have the potential to be impressively big but need constant work and nutrients to stay healthy. Fresh, engaging content represents these nutrients in a digital way; by maintaining a regular supply of original, engaging, high-quality content, you are giving social network users a reason to visit your profile. Following on, this could increase the opportunities for sales and provide a return on investment.

So, what reason do you have for not utilising social media marketing?

About the author:  Deborah Bates is a social and content marketing expert who works full-time at social media agency Red Rocket Media. Find out more from Deborah @LittleRed_23 on Twitter, or from Red Rocket Media (@RedRocketMedia).

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