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How do you tweet your Twitter account? And do you have Twitter goals? If you barely Tweet at all, your followers will be bored and maybe they’ll stop following you. If you Tweet about anything and everything, you may be just a rambling Tweeter without any focus, and you could be moving far away from your Twitter goals. If you’re stuffy and corporate, you’ll be boring. Followers like to follow interesting stuff that makes them smile, raise their eyebrows or think. If you follow thousands, your Twitter stream will be clogged up and you’ll have a hard time sifting through for the stuff you care about. And if you follow many but are followed by few, you’ll look like a spammer. Also, if you only Tweet links back to your own website, you’ll be outed as a shameless self-promoter. Who would have guessed that so much thought needs to go into such a simple thing?
Still, Twitter is a great way to build a brand, start a conversation about something important, keep up with conversations about your business and stay in touch with the subjects that interest you. Meanwhile, there are numerous sites devoted to helping you manage your Twitter feed and take advantage of its social networking features. One of these is Brandchirp which can help you monitor the Twitter conversation about your company, products and the keywords that are important to you. It helps you target potential followers according to subject matter or geographic area and you can schedule your Tweets. Coldstone, Dell and Sirius are among its users. Twerpscan lets you sort your followers and it analyzes the Tweets of individual users. Then there’s Tweepi. It provides a table showing your followers and their conversations. It lets you, “flush, reciprocate and cleanup,” your twitter following. And who would want to be “flushed?”

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