Whatever will you Wondersay?

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Whatever will you Wondersay?

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For all who needed a new way to work with text there is now Wondersay. Whether it’s a word, a sentence, a saying, a command but hopefully not an insult, Wondersay allows you to animate it. Use it with your Twitter account, e-mails to clients and bosses, or just for fun. Wondersay allows you to customize by font or attitude, as the case may be, to get your words jumping or bouncing, sailing or blinking across the screen. The creators of Wondersay imagine it being used on personal web pages or blogs under a Creative Commons License. But commercial uses may be possible if the company is contacted in advance. And just in case … the people behind Wondersay have filtered out the commonly known “rude” English words, though Wondersay can presumably be used with any language and all rude words may not be known.
It’s a matter of opinion whether Wondersay will become the next big thing, or whether Stevie Wonder will adopt it as his platform for things he says. Regardless, it is intended as the next fun and interesting way to grab people’s attention. But Enideo, the people behind Wondersay are not resting on just their Wondersayings. Based in the Netherlands, they have other word products such as Worditout which transforms text into “word clouds” that can be printed on items such as T-shirts. Who knows? If everyone loves it, this could be the next Twitter – or at the very least, everyone will be Tweeting about it.

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