What’s the buzz on Twitter?

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Published on December 24, 2016 with No Comments

When the people at Twitter want to search Twitter, what do they use? If the correct answer is Twitter then that would be a trick question. But it turns out that the search engine that performs the best Twitter search is actually Topsy. Way to turn conventional thinking on its head, so to speak. Topsy is a dedicated Twitter search engine that’s getting rave reviews from all who use it including the journalism world – a world where search is of utmost importance. Well, other things are important to the journalism world too but search is king, or queen, as the case may be. So if you want to search for something you saw on Twitter, or something someone else saw on Twitter or about what’s hot or not on Twitter, there’s Topsy.
Here’s a trending image from Topsy.

With Topsy you can search specific web domains, users, topics and more. Search by date, by keyword, by land or sea. Search for photo or video links. Topsy rates and ranks Tweets based on several factors such as the influence level of the Twitter user. Meanwhile, people with time on their hands and curiosity about what’s trending can also get that information from Topsy. Of course there are other ways to seek Tweet topics but Topsy is getting all the buzz, right now. And by the way, it seems that while it’s easy to search for the word, Topsy, turvy is an entirely different story.

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