What’s your website doing for you?

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It is commonly held that websites want traffic. And while no one would underestimate the value of website visitors, the real value is in turning that traffic into sales. But is there a way to make that happen? Some folks believe that site owners can take action to convert traffic into sales simply by paying attention to customer habits and by making site changes to accommodate customer needs. If customers are expected to call for an appointment, the site should feature a prominent phone number – on every page. There should be clickable buttons and as much information as the customer needs to take care of the transaction right away. High touch businesses shouldn’t expect that customers will fill out contact forms because in many cases forms are a turnoff. These are like the phone messages you get when you call your clinic or a bureaucrat. “No one is available right now. If you need immediate attention call someone else.”  Do you want you customers to call your competitors?

In addition to those “buy it now,” “call us now,” “check out our work,” and other call to action buttons, carefully contemplated keywords can also help. “Nike Air Max” as opposed to “Nike Shoes,” “tennis shoes,” or just plain “shoes.” When someone searches for the specific item name or number, it usually means that person has already shopped around at different websites and is probably looking to purchase the item. This is especially the case with popular styles but can work for any type of merchandise. The notable online retailers have already mastered the art of selling online and it wouldn’t hurt to pay them a visit to see how it’s done. They’re always ready with suggestions for the customer based on past buying and browsing habits. They offer reviews of their products. They have a “help” button. Ultimately, everything on their sites say, “buy, buy” but not “bye, bye.”

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