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The 2012 Global Mobile Awards are in and it seems the best overall mobile app is Whatsapp. Frequent texters have long preferred Whatsapp for the ability to indulge in unlimited texting without paying SMS fees. Practically all reviewers have raved about this mobile app. Even more, Whatsapp is available for everything from iPhone to Blackberry, Android and Nokia. In addition to basic texting, users can create groups and the app allows them to see when friends are typing or when they last checked their messages. It’s the latest thing in the virtual water cooler world, to the point that statistics show Whatsapp users send approximately one billion messages each day. But who would have guessed it was the absolute best mobile app out there?


WhatsApp (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Meanwhile, Swiftkey won the award for most innovative mobile app. Swiftkey is a game changer because it is an intelligent mobile app. It learns from your previous texts so that it can predict the format of your next text. Some equate it to mind reading, but minds aren’t that predictable or easily read. In any case, using Swiftkey can lead to fewer keystrokes when typing a text message. But for all who are not big fans of utilitarian mobile apps there’s Angry Birds Rio. It’s what you get when you combine Angry Birds, the game withRio, the movie – and it won the award for best consumer mobile app. And in case anyone was wondering which country is at the forefront of managing “spectrum,” that would be Colombia. That government won for making universal access to broadband a priority.

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