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When Bolon, a Swedish floor covering company wanted to advertise its latest vinyl flooring, it called on a nearby design studio named, Form Us with Love (FUWL). This design firm works collaboratively with companies that make a broad spectrum of everyday products. They are involved in both the development phase and marketing aspects. Their idea for Bolon’s vinyl floor covering was to create something spectacular that displays the flooring in its best light, so to speak. Using a photograph of a dancer, they expanded the image and recreated it on a floor in an abandoned industrial building – with the vinyl flooring in various shades. The resulting work was stunning.
Beyond this FUWL collaborated with another business to create a studio wall that would reduce the echo. The resulting wall was made with hexagon “tiles” made of slivers of wood, mixed with water and cement and molded in a hexagon form. In another case, a factory that once made bean bag chairs, of all things, had been halted due to the market being flooded with cheap imitations. Once again designers FUWL came to the rescue with an updated bean bag chair to get the factory running again.

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