Where art and sunshine meet

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What do you get when you cross a pixel with the sun – the Spanish sun? Well, it could be many things but in this case it’s, “Piksol.” Designers at a Swiss Design firm, Drzach & Suchy have arrived at a method of adding art to sunshine for energy efficiency and aesthetics. For anyone who believes in the idea that if it’s good for you it won’t taste good and if it’s good for the earth it won’t look good, the Piksol people beg to differ. Using an updated version of the ancient art of bas-relief, the Swiss designers have envisioned the use of solar panels and their shadows to create art while generating energy.

Piksol are solar panels that can be arranged on the façade of a building for generating energy. At the same time, the shadows cast by the light at certain angles reveal an artistic image. It could be representations of iconic works such as the image of the Mona Lisa. Or it could be some other image. It could be advertising. Others designing in a similar vein have arranged the “pixels” into images that are different according to the angle and intensity of the light shining on them. It’s geometry meets science, meets art.

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