Where do you get your reputation?

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The most admired company in the world is Google. It also has the best reputation. Other companies with good reputations include Amazon, Kraft Foods and Johnson and Johnson, along with 3M and FedEx. Consumers admire these companies and are confident that they can deliver the goods – this is especially the case with FedEx. On the top ten not so admired list are, predictably, mortgage companies, financial institutions and Halliburton. But who would have guessed, Comcast? Does reputation matter? Well, a good reputation may not necessarily cause a company’s revenues to skyrocket but a bad reputation can at the very least lower your stock value. Consumer confidence is an important thing in the world of business.
So how does a company get its reputation? Well, it turns out there is the Reputation Institute. Every year it surveys tens of thousands of consumers around the globe, asking them who are the greatest companies of all. Companies are rated on trust, and “good feeling,” among other factors. Didn’t we always suspect that the world’s economy runs on feelings? But the reputation Institute doesn’t only rate your reputation, they can consult with you to rebuild yours after a crisis of confidence. So it turns out that there really is a place to go to get your reputation back – maybe.

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